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You're unique...your website should be too!

Even if you already have a strong social media presence, your business/hobby/cause could still greatly benefit by having a physical presence. With a customized website, you can better define & legitimize your brand for potential consumers searching for the products, services or information you have to offer. 


 Content Management System

We build your website with your end use in mind. We use a content management system to allow for your website to be easily edited and updated, as needed.  At the completion of your project, we will provide you with detailed how-to instructions. Or we would be happy to do your updates for you as needed, at a reasonable hourly rate.


We develop your website to accurately display your products, services, menu, reservation, gallery, events, directions and more important information utilizing current web standards to ensure search engine visibility and usability of the website. All new and redesigned websites include built-in SEO optimization, at no additional cost. 

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Responsive = Modern

Due to the meteoric rise in popularity of smart phones & tablets, nearly 65% of web browsing is now done on mobile devices. An outdated or poorly designed website will do you a real disservice in that environment and may even result in a lack of consumer confidence and can cost you business. Websites without responsive functionality can be frustrating to navigate on smaller screens. Responsive Web Design automatically reflows your content based on the the viewing screen size.  This means that there are several different layout possibilities for the same page. While you do trade some creative control for the viewer's convenience, the gain comes in the modern & capable image your adaptive design affords you.


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