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Facebook-icon 512x512FACEBOOK

You can create a Business Page on Facebook. This page can easily be linked to your other Social Media Accounts so that your post on other channels feed your Facebook page with their content. Did you know: You can pin information posts to the top of your page. This can be a great way to address Frequently Asked Questions or list the best features of your business/organization. This is the best way to get your potential customers informed about the details that matter most.


Twitter is the most power tool in your Social Media arsenal. You can easily find an immediate audience for your information driven content. Did you know: Adding a #hashtag to your post is a easy way to join a global conversation. However, since all words are now searchable, your content can be found by those who are looking for it, with or without one.


With 300+ million users in 220 countries, LinkedIn is the largest online profession network. College Students, Startups & Corporations are all carving out a piece of real estate here. Did you know: Google loves LinkedIn. Google searches of your name/company will pull up your LinkedIn profile.


Google+ is an all-in-one site that encompasses a lot of the options of social media all under one roof. You can create a gmail address for your business or organization and use it to start your Google+ business page. Did you know:you can get a custom Google+ URL name to match your website URL.


News Clips. Tutorials. Superbowl Commericials. It's all on YouTube and over a billion users are tuning in to find it. You can follow people who create interesting and relevant videos and then share that content on your other Social Media Channels. Did you know: You can automatically set up a You Tube Account for your business along with your Google+ Account.


InstaGram is a great platform for Visual content. Photos and videos posted here can simultaneously posted directly to your Facebook page and Twitter Account. Did you know: That brand engagement is the highest on Instagram (58 times more engaged than Facebook and 120 times more engaged than Twitter).


Pinterest is a virtual pin board that can be used to curate any kind of interest. You can pin almost any webpage that has a picture. Did you know: You can add your Pinterest feed on your website so that your site content is constantly being refreshed with new content. You can show a feed of your entire account or just a single board.


If your target market is between 18-35 years old, Tumblr is the place to be. Long posts, short posts, photos, gifs, videos - it all works on this business friendly highly customizable channel. Did you know: You can automate posts from your other channels to feed content on your Tumblr page.


No Ads. Quality Content. Greater Image Control. You can create your own channel on Vimeo so you can curate & share with your followers. And unlike YouTube, you can put in a support ticket for technical issues. Did you know: You can customize the URL of your original videos.


A free Flickr account comes with a full Terrabyte of storage. Great for backing up your posts for future use. Your profile can be public or private and there are varying degrees of copyrights to choose from. Photos can be easily accessed for use on your other sharing Channels.  Did you know: You can register a unique URL for your profile.