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It's simple...really it is. Social Media is just a way for you to meet potential clients or fans, that you wouldn't have access to by traditional means.

Sometimes the world of Social Media can feel a lot like High School...where cool kids always rule. They say the right things and wear the right threads (or in this case, use the right graphics) and get all the likes and cheers. Meanwhile, the people with substance who actually have something to say are wallflowered. But it doesn't have to be that way. Thankfully, navigating Social Media is far easier than High School ever was. While it's true that good looks still matter, achieving the right style and tone for your brand just takes a little planning. And best of all, Night Owl Cyber's Geek Makeover services won't cost you entire summer's allowance.

How you deliver your message is equally important as how handsome you are. In real life, nobody wants to talk to a walking billboard. Be prepared to play the long game. The audience you are hoping to attract wants to be informed & entertained in a relevant way. Keeping the interest of your followers by consistently sharing desirable & useful information should factor into you overall gameplan. You can sell all you want - just remember to give something back in the process.

Talk right:  

  • Be clear about your message, product or service
  • Share - offer your expertise, show off your value
  • Engage - when people talk to you, talk back

Look Right:

  • Clean, minimalist design works in your favor 
  • Standardized images across all your channels
  • Plan to post regularly but not excessively

Social Media BannerWe capture @yournamehere on the Social Media sites of your choosing. Setup includes complete profiles, properly sized banner art & a posting schedule plan. Additionally, we set up a separate email account to manage your notifications and any artwork used is saved to a free cloud storage account.

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Social Basics
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Website Integration & Post Management

If you don’t yet own your domain name – that is an important step to take.  Even if you don’t think you want a website or blog, owning your domain name is crucial for your protect your present and allows for future expansion. Integrating your Social Media Content with your Website is a easier than it may seem. Multiple channel feeds can be embedded onto any given page including Profiles, Portfolios, Video Collections & Pinterest Boards. Feeding your channels with blog posts from your own site is the best way to control your message. A few short paragraphs and a picture, even as infrequently as once a week, will go a long way to establishing you as a expert in your niche. 

Managing postings to multiple Social Media Channels is fairly simple if you utilize a paid service such as Buffer or Hootsuite. We'll get you setup with the service which best suits your needs. In the time it takes you to do a single post, you'll hit your entire network. Once everything is set, we turn over the keys along with a detailed yet easily executed posting schedule. 

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